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Here you can discuss just about anything you want that's related to boba, tapioca, pearl tea, whatever you'd like to call it. store locations, store reviews, drink reviews, food reviews, recommendations, ideas, mixes, questions for the curious, etc.

if you're just bored, feel free to post anything you think the members would enjoy seeing. as long as it's content suited to be viewed at work or school, it's ok. if you have doubts, just e-mail the maintainer.

we are very lenient in what you post here, as long as its relevant and follows a few simple rules:
1. please LJ-cut the following:
-- pictures over 100K
-- texts longer than a page
-- any quizes or polls / results
2. be courteous to other members
-- criticism and discussion is encouraged, but do it constructively
3. have fun!

if you'd like to partake in one of the "standards" made by ninjaalice, at the end of your post, but the number of days it has been since you had boba in parenthesis. example: (15)

a few boba-related links for those who are curious:
q cup - http://www.qtaste.com
tapioca express - http://www.tapiocaexpress.ws
lollicup - http://www.lollicup.com
- if someone knows the sites for fantasia, sweethearts, and any other shop, please e-mail the maintainer dlo_azn -