Jinra (jinra) wrote in bobaspot,

white people and boba

In all my time as a boba barista, I've noticed that our funniest customers are white people. The boba stop I work at is located on my college campus. Now, I live in Southern California and the demographic is verry diverse. Despite this, we always have the handful of white people that seemed to have been living under a rock all this time. Like today for example:

"Hi, I'll have your peach tea. Larged sized."
"Okay, do you want boba with that?"
"Boba. Do you want boba with that?"
"HUH?!?!!! WHAT'S THAT?!?!!!!!
"It's -------"
"Yeah okay, sure whatever."

After we complete the order and the customer walks off, he comes back again.


*the larged sized cup is a tall white styrofoam cup resembling the jamba juice cups so you can't really see what's in it...

"Hey buddy, I asked if you wanted boba and you said yes."

I mean really, the boba spot I work at has been on campus for almost...years now. Yet I still have to answer the, "Like, omg...what is boba?" question. All the time. So hey, white people here that like boba...go educate your friends. And if they live in Southern California, tell them they should be ashamed of themselves.
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wth hahah...that guy has some major issues if he no idea what boba is! psh...shame!
"And if they live in Southern California, tell them they should be ashamed of themselves."

HAhahah. Word.
Yeah, I'm a little late in seeing this post, but omg hahahahah. That totally made me laugh. I'll have to relay that one to my husband later, I think he'll appreciate it too.

I went back home to SoCal in February and was so jealous of how much boba was out there. It's like... everywhere. I live in Orlando now, I only know of three places to get it, and one of them is freaking Epcot.


That's awesome.
Yeah, we only get those encounters on the campus where there's more white people. White people at boba places are so funny.
Gah! Thats exactly what I am worried about happening when I open up my shop.. I am affraid that people are really going to be turned off by the boba which is sad because its totally awesome! I always get extra boba in mine. Some people just never catch on to some things and are WAY to stubourn and ignorant to new things. Its so sad how people are scared to try new things or even learn anything about them. Maybe your shop should print out some little flyers to keep near the front or add a little section of info on your menus so people who are new can understand what they are getting into. Hope the straglers catch on in the neck of your woods.
Well, the actual store location we don't have to worry about explaining to people what boba is since it's located between Little Saigon and Korea Town. Totally Asia in that neck of the woods. The on-campus trailer location has is pretty diverse too, but we get more white people every now and then that have no clue because they commute to school from fancy schmancy neighborhoods with no boba places.

So if you live somewhere that isn't very diverse...good luck. Especially since the boba trend is dying out. Well, at least where I'm in.

Oh, I don't know if it's the state of California, but the FDA is halting our suppliers because they're running tests on boba. They did tests on lychee and coconut jelly so last week we were lychee/coconut jelly less. This week we've been boba less, but we're using green colored boba. Apparently, green colored boba doesn't need to be tested by the FDA. It's the same, just green haha. So yeah, just thought I'd run that by you.
Hmm.. I wonder if I could check that out to see if its just Cali or what. I figured I would label my place as a juice bar and serve smoothies and that kind of thing but also serve bubble tea and slowly bring it in more and more.. ::crosses fingers:: I think all it would take is a few free samples for it to catch on.. In theory. I kinda like the idea of using just green boba as green is my fave color :D The town im starting it in is a college town but it still may take a little time for the bubble tea to catch on but of course ill have some other things on the menu that people are already really comfortable with. But i mean come on.. its bubble tea how can you not adore it. :D Thanks so much for the info.
Oh, you'll be surprised with the people that don't like it. Maybe the college town will be cool about it. College students tend to be more liberal than other people and more willing to try new things.

So you want to market the place more as a juice bar/smoothie place more than you want to market the boba? I don't think you can actually 'slowly' introduce it. You either put it out there or not as an option. At the place I work at, it's "okay so you want this drink, this size....did you want boba in that?" Not..."okay you want this drink, this size...so uh do you want some of that boba in there?" haha. But of course, you can always ask for less or more. But I think what I"m getting from you is that you want it to be a juice bar/smoothie place that's kinda like....'pssst we have boba here too' That's not too bad. Boba presence in drinks will have to be word of mouth, haha.
Thats sort of what I am thinking will happen, the college crowd will probably be more excepting but I certainly have a few ideas to draw them in and make boba less of a mystery. What I meant when I said slowly introduce is start with a few basic flavors that people are very familiar with already and as people start to try those because they feel they are "safe" flavors and begin to grow more comfortable with the idea of boba and perhaps introduce it to some of their peers I will begin adding on other flavors to the menu that they may now feel like they would like to try. I would also introduce the sherbet and regular tea with simple flavorings.. even if people didn't really catch on to the actual boba for a bit I am still certain that I could find some way to integrate it into other drinks/sherbets and pose them more as a dessert type thing and instead of saying boba I would say "Its tapioca! like in the pudding.. its really sweet its just like gummy candy" I don't expect for it to just blow up the second I open the door but I am sure I can make bubble tea at least known of. I would much rather serve just bubble tea and in an ideal world bubble tea and sushi! but then I would never leave ;) but because its so new to so many people I also need to sell things they are used to to at least get them to come in. see what I am saying?
By the way I really appreciate you talking this over with me feedback is always the best help.
No prob. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. I pretty much live, eat, breathe, sleep boba. It's taking over my social life. (read: closing on the weekends)
LOL I see that happening to me in the near future as well..
Seriously, it's so depressing to watch people come and go on their way out to go to clubs in LA and you're just at work thinking that you could be them. But whatever, makes that money.