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Bubble tea shop.

Hi! My name is Eden and I am currently in the middle of starting my own bubble tea shop in Columbus Ohio. I was wondering if any of you in the comm. have your own shops and would like to offer a little advice, or if you don't have your own shop what would you like to see that you don't see to often? This means anything! Anything about the drinks or how a place is decorated. I would love to hear what you all have to put in about it. I have a few small ideas of my own like being able to rent board games or play ps2, xbox.. I wanted my shop to be a place where people could come and actually do something with friends besides just drink bubble tea. I wanted my look to be kind of mod and trendy but still comfortable and not cold feeling. and my fave idea of mine so far is an open decks night where local djs can bring their records and friends and spin a set. So all those super talented bedroom djs can actually have a real place to spin. So please any feed back would be amazing! Thanks a ton kiddos! <3

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