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Bubble Tea at home(?)

Hello fellow Boba fans!

I've been a fan of bubble tea for a couple of years ever since my brother introduced me to it. (My very first one was a Vanilla Black Milk Tea... delicious.)

I am in a bit of a pickle right now though. I'm trying to make it at home... and I want very much to make Taro. The problem being is that the flavor powder I got isn't exactly what I was looking for. My question is simple: for those who have made boba at home... what brand of Taro (or where do you get it from if online..) do you love? I know that trial and error is inevitable but I'd love firsthand feedback.

So far I have successfully made: Raspberry, Vanilla, Chai Vanilla and Taro (technically.)
I have perfected my pearl cooking method, and I have gotten the simple syrup recipe down pat as well. I'm just looking for any favorite flavors from suppliers. So far, I've only tried Lollicup, but I've been eyeing a few other companies as well. I have Mango and Honeydew but haven't tried them yet.

I'm still trying to convert as many people as I can. ;) And thank you for taking the time to read my questions.
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