v is for shut the fuck up (spacebunnyv) wrote in bobaspot,
v is for shut the fuck up

hi! i'm a newbie to the community and hopelessly addicted to this marvelous drink. oddly enough, I was the only asian person around campus that hadn't ever tried boba/bubble tea until about 6 months ago.

anyway, I have a question that i'm hoping someone may be able to answer for me.

when you buy bubble tea/boba from a cafe, say... honeydew, it's got that nice very honeydewy-yet-a-tiny-bit-milky taste to it. there's also the kind that's wayyyyy milky, but that's what i'm trying to avoid.

for those of you who frequent lollicup, exactly what should i order on the menu to get something like that? i usually order slush at lollicup because i don't want to end up with an extremely milky boba, but i'm in love with the *barely* milky honeydew boba and would like to know how/what to order to get that at lollicup. is it under milk tea? or the fruit teas? or snow bubble?

any help is appreciated, thanks :3
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