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LYCHEE [06 Feb 2007|05:39pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Anybody else like/love Lychee Boba? 
I love that stuff.
It's #1 before Peach.
By the way, I'm new here. First post. 

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I Love Boba! [03 Feb 2007|01:16pm]


I'm sooo addicted to Boba! If you ever asked people i know, they'd tell you. I own a shirt, guess what it says..'Anne Loves Boba.' Haha, yeah i love it that much. My aim is the same as my shirt. Some people at my school don't know what Boba is, so when they read it they're like 'what or who is Boba.' I'm totally like freaking out then. BOBA is the best thing on this Earth, yet a lot of people don't know what it is. So i've made it my goal to educate the people at my school about Boba.

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[10 Sep 2006|12:20pm]

Love tapioca?

I'm selling tapioca pearls!





(if this post isnt allowed, delete it)
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[19 Jul 2006|12:55am]

God. I rode my bike to Tapioca Express.. which was about 7 or 8 miles away with my boyfriend.. when it was 102 degrees outside, right?

Then I get this horrible strawberry milk tea that tastes like nesquik strawberry milk and cigarettes.

I wanted to kill someone.
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FYI [05 Oct 2005|11:34am]

[ mood | chipper ]

If any of you guys get the Ventura County Star, check out the front page article on section E, Arts and Living. It's all about bubble tea!!! Pretty cool, since this drink hardly gets the attention we all know it deserves. (I think the article in my paper was taken from one in North Carolina, so if you live there check too!)


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[23 Sep 2005|04:37pm]

i'm beginning to love kiwi green tea, yummmm.
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Bubble tea in South Carolina?? [01 Jul 2005|11:32pm]

Does anyone know if there are any places in South Carolina that serve bubble tea? So far I haven't found any, and I am getting desperate. I used to have it at least once a week when I was in school in Kansas. Thanks for any info you can give me!
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mint red tea, please : ) [21 Jun 2005|01:31pm]

Bubble Tea is the catch-all name for endless unusual names of this drink such as: tapioca pearl drink, tapioca ball drink, pearl shake, pearl tea, black pearl tea, big pearl, boba tea, boba ice tea, boba nai cha, milk tea, bubble drink, zhen zhu nai cha, momi, momi milk tea, QQ, BBT, PT, and possibly many other names....

...and now... we have something new to add to the list!: boolbooley! (urdu/hindi for 'bubbles')

i learnt about bubble tea over the internet: i had always been a fan of
traditional south asian chai and ice tea, and when i read about a new drink from taiwan that was a growing popularity amongst people all over the world, i knew i just had to try it! but the problem remained that bubble tea had never been heard of here - the people who did drink tea stuck to chai, and even most who had heard of tea - disliked it. we were locked away from the bubble tea craze.

months went by, and investment by china and the philippines grew in the U.A.E. and projects such as dragon mart began to emerge. more south east-asian and east asian firms opened their stores here as the city developed.

sometime during the beginning of 2005, my brother and i were strolling in a mall - and a flashing stand caught my eye. it read "Bubble Tea" in big, neon letters and without a second thought, i grabbed his arm and said, "let's try it!". because my brother liked chai, he was partial to try it. two filipino women greeted us and handed us a menu to choose from (red tea, green tea and milk tea) - we both chose peach green tea with tapioca. heistant at first as the round-shaped-gummy-tasting balls were a bit intimidating, but once we sat down and started to drink: oh boy, addicting!

and we've been hooked ever since.

the bubble tea stand although, never grew to have business as one would expect in places like vancouver or toronto, as it wasn't popular, nor were people a fan of tea. but we managed to drop by every weekend to drink a cup.

whenever i had to tell my brother that i wanted to drink bubble tea, i would say, "i want boolbooley!"

addicting, it is.
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bubble tea closure [15 Jun 2005|11:41pm]

the only outlet selling bubble tea in the U.A.E. is about to/shut down :(((

good thing we're visiting toronto this august, oh bubble tea awaits us!
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Sago? :O [13 Jun 2005|02:59am]

Hey guys,

My name is Erin, and I am from Australia. I have recently heard about bubble tea, but since there are no shops around here, I decided to make my own.

I started my journey off at the local grocery mart where I work. I asked the manager if we sold Tapioca pearls.. He shrugged, and pranced me down the dessert isle and handed me a little packet of Sago and told me that they were the same thing.

I'm curious... If I use Sago instead of Tapioca Pearls, will my bubble tea be all that different? Is Sago the same as Tapioca?

Also, where can I find a good recipe for Bubble tea on the net, not using any pre-mix powders/packs.


~ Erin

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First Post ... [08 May 2005|11:43pm]

[ mood | content ]


Just a quick note to say that bubble tea can be found at the Golden Harvest (Chinese) Restaurant in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Hope that helps any recovering addicts in the area. I spent four and a half years drinking the stuff whilst living and working (as an English teacher) in Taiwan.

Taniwha (-:

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Bubble tea shop. [06 May 2005|08:50pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi! My name is Eden and I am currently in the middle of starting my own bubble tea shop in Columbus Ohio. I was wondering if any of you in the comm. have your own shops and would like to offer a little advice, or if you don't have your own shop what would you like to see that you don't see to often? This means anything! Anything about the drinks or how a place is decorated. I would love to hear what you all have to put in about it. I have a few small ideas of my own like being able to rent board games or play ps2, xbox.. I wanted my shop to be a place where people could come and actually do something with friends besides just drink bubble tea. I wanted my look to be kind of mod and trendy but still comfortable and not cold feeling. and my fave idea of mine so far is an open decks night where local djs can bring their records and friends and spin a set. So all those super talented bedroom djs can actually have a real place to spin. So please any feed back would be amazing! Thanks a ton kiddos! <3

x posted

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[16 Apr 2005|08:20am]

HI! *waves* I just joined this community and I am enlisting all of your help. Bubble tea isn't that popular where I live, so i have to make it from the comfort of my own home. And for my friends who have never had the delight of sipping on a honey dew bubble tea, I am throwing a bubble tea party ^___^ But I'm not sure what kinda snacks to offer, or anything like that... Please help *bows in gratefulness*

<<3 Sammy
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Bubble Tea at home(?) [13 Feb 2005|12:53am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello fellow Boba fans!

I've been a fan of bubble tea for a couple of years ever since my brother introduced me to it. (My very first one was a Vanilla Black Milk Tea... delicious.)

I am in a bit of a pickle right now though. I'm trying to make it at home... and I want very much to make Taro. The problem being is that the flavor powder I got isn't exactly what I was looking for. My question is simple: for those who have made boba at home... what brand of Taro (or where do you get it from if online..) do you love? I know that trial and error is inevitable but I'd love firsthand feedback.

So far I have successfully made: Raspberry, Vanilla, Chai Vanilla and Taro (technically.)
I have perfected my pearl cooking method, and I have gotten the simple syrup recipe down pat as well. I'm just looking for any favorite flavors from suppliers. So far, I've only tried Lollicup, but I've been eyeing a few other companies as well. I have Mango and Honeydew but haven't tried them yet.

I'm still trying to convert as many people as I can. ;) And thank you for taking the time to read my questions.

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New to Bobaspot [06 Feb 2005|11:27pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I haven't posted at LJ in years, but I just reintroduced myself to bubble tea and I'm hooked. There is only one place here in Greensboro that serves it and that is the Boba House downtown. I got so into it that I ordered a sample kit from Lollicup a few weeks ago. Ahh! Bliss! My fave flavor is honeydew, but I also like taro and mango.

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tapioca milk tea [06 Feb 2005|01:37pm]

[ mood | happy ]

my new favorite is tapioca milk tea =). i finally had some after so long! if any of u guys hae verde cafe nearby, go there! if u buy one drink, u get another for free =P. lol now i want to know how to make milk tea. i've never made it before at home. any ideas?

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white people and boba [02 Feb 2005|06:04pm]

In all my time as a boba barista, I've noticed that our funniest customers are white people. The boba stop I work at is located on my college campus. Now, I live in Southern California and the demographic is verry diverse. Despite this, we always have the handful of white people that seemed to have been living under a rock all this time. Like today for example:

"Hi, I'll have your peach tea. Larged sized."
"Okay, do you want boba with that?"
"Boba. Do you want boba with that?"
"HUH?!?!!! WHAT'S THAT?!?!!!!!
"It's -------"
"Yeah okay, sure whatever."

After we complete the order and the customer walks off, he comes back again.


*the larged sized cup is a tall white styrofoam cup resembling the jamba juice cups so you can't really see what's in it...

"Hey buddy, I asked if you wanted boba and you said yes."

I mean really, the boba spot I work at has been on campus for almost...years now. Yet I still have to answer the, "Like, omg...what is boba?" question. All the time. So hey, white people here that like boba...go educate your friends. And if they live in Southern California, tell them they should be ashamed of themselves.
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Boba dry [02 Feb 2005|04:42pm]

[ mood | calm ]

So, me and my friend went to our boba place here in our city. When we got there, the lady said they were out of boba. How do you run out of boba?! That's like running out of bread at Subway >=/ Needless to say I was annoyed because I was so looking foreward to it. Has this ever happened to anybody else?

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oh how i crave [01 Feb 2005|10:15pm]

craving for a tapioca right about now x.X. finals was last week and all i had was coffee and tea, i haven't had tapioca since december -.-''
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[13 Jan 2005|10:39pm]

hi! i'm a newbie to the community and hopelessly addicted to this marvelous drink. oddly enough, I was the only asian person around campus that hadn't ever tried boba/bubble tea until about 6 months ago.

anyway, I have a question that i'm hoping someone may be able to answer for me.

when you buy bubble tea/boba from a cafe, say... honeydew, it's got that nice very honeydewy-yet-a-tiny-bit-milky taste to it. there's also the kind that's wayyyyy milky, but that's what i'm trying to avoid.

for those of you who frequent lollicup, exactly what should i order on the menu to get something like that? i usually order slush at lollicup because i don't want to end up with an extremely milky boba, but i'm in love with the *barely* milky honeydew boba and would like to know how/what to order to get that at lollicup. is it under milk tea? or the fruit teas? or snow bubble?

any help is appreciated, thanks :3
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